The European Business Council for Africa

The first Compass of April examines the complex relationship between the European Union and different categories of countries in Africa, each with their own features and interests.

Sailing new waters in international cooperation: On the way to framing future EU engagement with more advanced developing countries
More advanced developing countries are important partners for the European Union. But the future of the Union's engagement with the multiple actors in these countries needs to be guided by clearer objectives and stronger policy guidance. A partnership approach requires these countries’ demands to be taken into account. The next EU budget offers a golden opportunity to rethink future relationships. Read the paper 

What is the European External Investment Plan really about?

Extensive private investment is required to meet development challenges. By providing a new guarantee mechanism and technical assistance in the European External Investment Plan (EIP), the EU aims to attract investors, particularly in least developed and more fragile countries. This paper offers a comprehensive overview of the EIP and reveals its weaknesses. Read the paper 

Breaking the silence on North Africa: A new EU-Africa partnership after 2020

This op-ed for EURACTIV underlines that clarifying North Africa’s involvement in the post-Cotonou negotiations from the start is key for the future of the EU-Africa partnership after 2020. Read the op-ed