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The competition I am referring to involves people, organisations and countries associated with an instrument that would disappear if the proposal is accepted as it is. Andrew Sherriff, Meritxell Sayós Monràs and Alexei Jones point out that while it might be a natural instinct to protect ‘one's own’, now is the time to get together and defend the whole pot.

The European Think Tanks Group has also written a blog on the new financing instrument proposal.

And for those who were hoping I had the World Cup in mind from the beginning, here is an article on the five African teams and their chance to match the expectations of the entire continent.


Wanted: A new alliance to defend the neighbourhood and the world in the next EU budget.

 In the past couple of weeks, the European Commission has unveiled its detailed proposals for the new EU budget for 2021 to 2027. Our latest blog makes the case for a strategic alliance defending the ‘Neighbourhood & the World’ pillar in the budget negotiations, which will now begin in earnest. Read the blog. 


Should the European Neighbourhood Instrument be included in the proposed ‘single instrument’? 

In a blog for the European Think Tanks Group, Mark Furness and Niels Keijzer give four reasons why it's a good idea to include the European Neighbourhood Instrument in the proposed ‘single instrument’. Read the blog