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Remember when we talked about indigenous vegetables some time ago? To explain why they are more important than you might think, we have produced a short documentary, shot during our last visit to Kenya. Francis, a small-scale farmer we interviewed, gave us three compelling reasons why he decided to cultivate indigenous vegetables: food security, nutritional value and the preservation of important traditions. But why is it still so difficult then to have this type of food on the dinner table of most Kenyans?

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Just south of Kenya, the Southern African Development Community (SADC) starts. Also this regional economic community has compelling reasons to develop common strategies to help its industrialisation processes. Nonetheless, some member states have developed national policies at the expense of their SADC neighbours. Bruce Byiers uses his political economy lens to get a better picture.

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And finally, do not forget to register and attend our Brexit seminar this Thursday if you happen to pass by or live in Dublin. Details below.



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