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Controlled blackouts in South Africa are continuing this week, to ease the pressure on its national power grid. The broader puzzling question for the continent is why, while being endowed with a wealth of renewable and non-renewable energy sources, Africa suffers from a huge deficit of supply and distribution of energy. Addressing this issue was the logic behind the creation of a common grid and a cross-border market for ‘pooling’ electricity. Alfonso Medinilla, Bruce Byiers and Karim Karaki have looked at African power pools to highlight the advantages and obstacles for this type of arrangement.

Diverging national short-term priorities often trump regional commitments and cooperation. This has been a thread throughout most of our work on the political economy dynamics of regional integration in Africa. With Fabien Tondel’s paper, we move from energy to livestock. But the message remains similar: despite the obvious advantages of tackling environmental, social and economic challenges at the regional level, we are still far away from a truly transnational approach.

Finally, San Bilal has looked at the European Fund for Sustainable Development ​Plus, one of the main pillars of the EU’s next long-term budget proposals to attract private investment.

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