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Three conflict trends as seen by Crisis Group analysts  

➤ Sri Lanka: A spate of lethal bombings on Saturday allegedly perpetrated by a little-known Islamist militant group with foreign backing killed at least 250 people. Crisis Group expert Alan Keenan says Sri Lanka’s worst-ever terrorist attack could heighten intercommunal tensions by increasing already powerful anti-Muslim sentiments across society and strengthening the hand of the Sinhala nationalist opposition.

➤ Korean Peninsula: Kim Jong-un arrived in Russia on Wednesday for a summit with President Putin. Amid an ailing peace process between Pyongyang and Washington, says Crisis Group expert Christopher Green, Kim hopes to obtain Russian diplomatic support, heap pressure upon the international sanctions regime and, by expanding trade, reduce North Korea's economic dependence on China.

 Sudan: Three members of the ruling Military Transition Council offered their resignations on Wednesday, amid continued pressure from thousands of protesters for a civilian-led government. Crisis Group expert Alan Boswell says the opposition has decided to re-engage in talks with the council but short of a transition to civilian rule, as protesters demand, unrest on the streets is likely to persist.   

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