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Four conflict trends as seen by Crisis Group analysts  

➤ Algeria: The protest movement that began in February enters its nineteenth week on Friday. Activists insist on dismantling the interim regime that took over when President Abdelaziz Bouteflika stepped down. Meanwhile, says Crisis Group expert Michaël Ayari, a constitutional void looms in early July when the interim president's term ends with no election scheduled.

➤ Honduras: Friday marks ten years since the coup that entrenched the ruling party, as protests that began in opposition to health and education reforms rock the country. At least three have died in clashes; on Monday military police fired upon university students, wounding several. Crisis Group expert Tiziano Breda says the incidents could amplify calls upon President Juan Orlando Hernández to resign.

➤ Korean Peninsula: U.S. President Donald Trump travels to Seoul on Saturday following an exchange of warm wishes with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. The trip comes amid speculation about a third Trump-Kim summit. Crisis Group expert Chris Green says the two sides want to meet but it is unclear if they have managed to bridge the chasm between their respective maximalist positions on North Korea's nuclear capacity.

➤ Sudan: Leaders of the mass protests that helped oust President Omar al-Bashir are planning a major mobilisation for Sunday to demand that the Transitional Military Council hand over power to civilians. Crisis Group expert Alan Boswell says the coming days risk a reprise of the 3 June massacre that dispersed the original demonstrations. 

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