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Courses of economic action proposed by the German-African Business Association to address the causes of flight

Addressing the causes of flight has been the dominant theme in the debate on the increasing migration pressure in the direction of Germany and Europe. A significant amount of migrants come to us from African countries too. The German Federal Government and the EU want to counter migration pressure primarily through partnerships on migration with African countries, and greater humanitarian support in refugee camps. At the same time, traditional development assistance is being increasingly called into question, and justifiably so.

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Our survey on doing business in Africa for the CIAN Barometer 2017 is now online. 

Published in French and English, the CIAN Report, which contents results and analyses of this survey, is one of the most authoritative and up-to-date report on business in Africa. It provides investors, local authorities and international organisations with a direct feedback from companies working in Africa. 

We need country managers, CFOs of international companies in each and every 54 countries of the Continent to participate! Thank you for your contribution.

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Business Strategy 2015-2017 
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Bridging the finance gap for SME in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific 
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Tackling the energy challenge in Africa 
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Impact financing in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific 
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