The European Business Council for Africa

Introducing the EU-CONNEX Partnership

The CONNEX Initiative ( provides support to governments of developing countries in complex resource contract negotiations. This allows for informed decisions, better deals and long-lasting partnerships with the investor.

The resource sector offers great potential for economic development. Resource contracts are a crucial factor to assure that benefits can be realised. In many cases though, capacity and experiences asymmetries result in unfair deals with disadvantages for the host country,

Upon demand, the CONNEX initially successfully offers multi-disciplinary, high-quality and ad hoc support to our partner countries all over the globe. Providing for negotiations on a level playing field, it can support Governments to maximise the developmental impact of its resource abundance. 

The European Union just joined CONNEX as a strong partner. This engagement directly feeds into our efforts to boost investment in partner countries and the work for a more transparent and sustainable resource sector.

The webinar will introduce the CONNEX Initiative and it currents development, recent results and impacts as much practical guidance on request modalities. Further questions and discussion are very much welcome!

You can find attached the presentations displayed during the conference.

Source: European Commission