The European Business Council for Africa

22-23 November, 2023

Maputo, Mozambique


This first edition of the Mozambique - EU Investment Forum, under the theme “Creating business opportunities”, will explore ways of attracting quality investments within the framework of the Global Gateway, as well as boosting and diversifying trade between Mozambique and the European Union. Public and private sector stakeholders will look into the numerous investment opportunities that Mozambique has to offer. The implementation of reforms follows the significant potential lying in Mozambique’s natural resources (energy, mining, arable land, wildlife reserves, forestry, and fishing) and its territorial sea access, which offers important advantages in the fields of transport and logistics. The forum will also focus on value addition to products “Made in Mozambique” and industrialization. 

The EU is a crucial partner for Mozambique and remains one of its most important trading partners, providing a significant market for Mozambican exports of more than a half billion dollars every year. Overall, EU investment plays a vital role in supporting the country’s economic development, creating opportunities for local businesses, stimulating the business environment, and building a mutually beneficial economic partnership.


 Objectives of the forum:
  • To highlight the investment opportunities Mozambique has to offer to local and EU investors;
  • To present the export potential of Mozambique under the trade agreements with the EU;
  • To create a link with the key sectors promoted by Team Europe through the Global Gateway investment package and explore financing opportunities; 


  • To enable European investors to gain a deeper understanding of the business and investment climate prevailing in Mozambique and the ongoing reforms to ease business and investment;
  • To arrange face-to-face meetings to build strategic and trusted relationships between local and EU entrepreneurs and to explore bankable investment projects;
  • To showcase private and public sector initiatives through an interactive exposition.
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