The European Business Council for Africa

EBCAM at the flagship event of its Dutch member NABC

‘’Africa Works!’’

Amsterdam, 23 April 2024


A day dedicated to Africa’s Green Industrialisation that brought together the Dutch and European private sector with the African business world! Couldn’t be better than the 6th edition of the NABC's flagship conference Africa Works! that took place at the Royal Tropical Institute - KIT in Amsterdam.

EBCAM’s member from the Netherlands NABC organised a dynamic event that attracted companies, investors, experts, governments anddelegationsfrom both continents that had the opportunity to maximise potential partnerships and collaborations.

Insightful discussions, success stories from European and African partnerships, high-level workshops and interactive sector-focused sessions, side events and exhibitions aimed to:

   1. make visible the investment and trade opportunities in different African countries;

   2. facilitate Public-Private-Partnerships;

   3. connect (international) investors with opportunities across Africa;

   4. enable SMEs and start-ups to find alternative financing solutions; and

   5. focus on challenges and bottlenecks from the field like visas, access to finance, less bureaucracy and unfair competition from 3rd  countries

The COO of the Business Council for Africa had the chance to meet and discuss in person with the real actors of circular food production, renewable energy, and sustainable agro-logistics that contribute to the sustainable development goals.

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