The European Business Council for Africa

EBCAM Position Paper


European companies and Chinese companies in Africa : adversaries or partners ?

Or how compliance can lead to unfair competition


There is no denying that China plays a forever increasing role in Africa’s trade with rising numbers of Chinese companies investing on the continent. From an African perspective, the presence of a new economic partner such as China can be seen as an advantage in many respects. While there is no need to idealize or demonize the presence of Chinese companies in Africa, it is nonetheless important to point out China’s unfair competition practices which not only pose a threat to European companies but can also unbalance Sino-African relations. It has therefore become necessary, for the sake of European companies and the well-being of Africa’s emerging States, that China complies with internationally accepted good practices including OECD compliance rules. As the representative of 4,000 European companies, EBCAM calls on the EU to pursue its dialogue with China to ensure a level playing field for these companies and truly benefit Africa’s development.


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