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This is a national companion guide to the publication The Business Guide for Sustainability in Foreign Investments. The companion guide presents an overview of Ethiopia’s environmental and social regulations for investment operations in agroprocessing and light manufacturing. It also provides contacts of relevant national ministries and enforcement bodies.

Foreign investment in Ethiopia unlocks opportunities to reach new regional and global markets and better serve the local market. The actions taken by business managers have tremendous spillover effects, not only for the local economy, but for the social and environmental conditions of the local population. As part of the post-pandemic recovery, investing sustainably is essential.

National legislation, regional trade agreements, and market demand all trend towards increased consideration for social and environmental practices. Beyond the business case for sustainability, international firms and local business must be aware of the requirements in their country of operation in order to avoid repercussions and remain competitive.

This national companion guide provides the mandatory social and environmental requirements for investing in Ethiopia in agroprocessing and light manufacturing. The guide details the steps businesses must take in their investment journey and the respective agencies they will contact along the way. The recommendations as well as the tools, such as sustainability checklists and resource directories, provide practical support to investors in their journey to improve their business practices.

This is a companion guide to the publication The Business Guide for Sustainability in Foreign Investments, which makes the business case for sustainable investment and provides common sustainability practices that firms must consider when starting operations in a foreign country.

This guide is an outcome of the research conducted for the Partnership for Investment and Growth in Africa, funded by the United Kingdom’s Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office. It is based on insights of ministries, investors, businesses and experts at the International Trade Centre.

Please find the full report here.