The European Business Council for Africa

RES4Africa and PwC have released a new study Private Sector Participation in African Grid Development. The study identifies underfinancing, inefficiency and insufficient extension of electricity grids as the main obstacles to Africa’s access to energy.

Africa’s electricity grids are characterised by infrastructural flaws, inefficiency and limited coverage, preventing universal access to electricity and hampering the continent’s development.

The analysis is focused on ten countries (Algeria, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Morocco, South Africa, Tanzania, Senegal, Uganda and Zambia) and was presented at a virtual event organised within the framework of RES4Africa’s strategic programme, Grids4Africa. The gathering benefitted from the participation of important representatives from African and international private and public sector entities (Enel, PwC, Umeme, EPRA, Ghana Energy Commission, IFC, ARM-Harith Infrastructure Investment, Schneider Electric and MIT/Comillas/FSR).


Please find the full study here.