The European Business Council for Africa

The UNCTAD report Economic Development in Africa Report 2021: Reaping the Potential Benefits of the African Continental Free Trade Area for Inclusive Growth aims to equip Governments in Africa and development partners with the knowledge of how the African Continental Free Trade Area can be beneficial for inclusive growth and how complementary policies are necessary to make the Free Trade Area inclusive across and within countries in Africa.

To realize the export potential of Africa, intra-African tariff barriers and non-tariff measures need to be reduced and productive capacities need to be increased, to facilitate regional trade. Regional productive capacities, value chain development in agrifood processing and the vehicle industry are identified in the report as potential drivers of transformative growth. In addition, an analysis is provided of how the expected gains from trade, production, investment and growth opportunities from the Free Trade Area can be inclusive. A range of data sources are used in assessing various dimensions of inclusiveness, related to both income and consumption and to equal economic participation.For the benefits of the African Continental Free Trade Area to be fully harnessed and inclusive, informal forms of trade and the relevant stakeholders should be considered in design and implementation.


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