The European Business Council for Africa

The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) no longer dominates the news. Other crises and their devastating consequences are capturing the world’s attention. However, COVID-19 has been the health and economic crisis of a century, generating severe setbacks and disruptions.

The report is organized as follows:

• Chapter 1. Presentation of trade and investment trends and analysis to inform on where the global economy stands with respect to recovery, pre-COVID-19 levels, whether new trajectories are observed and if COVID-19 is considered more than a slump.
• Chapter 2. Discussion on global value chains, and to which extent there is evidence for diversifying and reshoring as announced by many policymakers during the pandemic, and on how resilience of supply chains can be strengthened, with special attention paid to vaccine supply chains, which have been a key concern.
• Chapter 3. Documenting of trends in digitalization and focus on the implications of accelerated digitalization on inclusive development, as well as exploration of what needs to be done to leverage digital opportunities in the post-pandemic recovery and beyond.
• Chapter 4. Discussion on the development finance landscape during the pandemic, documenting challenges for mobilizing finance and investment, dealing with spiralling debt and examining commitments of the international community.
• Chapter 5. Focus on the implications of the crisis on the role of the State and the need for international cooperation for the recovery from the COVID-19 crisis, arguing that the crisis increased the importance of governance, both at the national and international levels.


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