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InfoPoint: Team Europe Partnerships Portal (TEPP)

European Commission, DG for IInternational Partnerships (INTPA)

Wednesday 16 November 2022


On Wednesday 16 November 2022, EBCAM attended in person the conference “Introduction to the Team Europe Partnership Portal (TEPP)” organized by the Directorate-General for International Partnerships, European Commission. 

This new digital tool, the Team Europe Partnerships Portal (TEPP), is a new platform that will support partner countries in finding innovative and effective tools to achieve their Sustainable Development Goals, and build inclusive and sustainable societies among all Team Europe actors.

Private and public actors from EU member states can register in this platform as providers. More specifically, they can provide solutions/projects to public entities from third countries which are registered in the platform as beneficiaries. The purpose of the platform is to enhance visibility and communication between these providers and beneficiaries.

You can find the platform and more information here.