The European Business Council for Africa

30th March, 14:30-17:30
Brussels - Online

As the EU rolls out its Global Gateway and related investment plans, it is important to consider how the EU’s target regions, recipients and partners perceive and engage with the strategy, as well as other global development and investment frameworks. Between 2021 and 2027, the EU aims to mobilise up to €300bn of investment in digitalisation, climate and energy, transport, health, education and research – €150bn of which will be allocated in Africa alone. Successful investment and cooperation would not only lead to effectively addressing global challenges, such as climate change, but also to meaningful progress towards the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

However, in recent years, countries have increasingly questioned the excessive self-promotion of the EU as a role model of values. Does EU development policy focus on sustainable, inclusive economic growth that is oriented towards the realities of regions and individual countries, or does it focus on fulfilling well-intended, even if misguided, goals that benefit the EU’s image but fail to keep the interests of respective regions and countries in mind?

In addition to low- and middle-income countries’ decades-long challenges in advocating for investment in infrastructure, many other obstacles exist. Planning infrastructure for a low-emission and resilient future requires re-thinking at all levels of government to avoid exacerbating its negative effects. The implementation of effective infrastructure can strengthen resilience to withstand climate and economic shocks, as well as support climate mitigation targets.

This roundtable with representatives and experts from Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa and Asia will feature unsalted opinions on what works and what does not within the EU Global Gateway strategy and the global development and investment framework.

This event will take place in Brussels and will also be available to a wider audience via livestream.

Registration via Website.