The European Business Council for Africa

Friday May 19, 2023, from 12:00 to 13:30
Online & Face-to-Face. Room 24.009 (Ground Floor). Mercè Rodoreda 24 building. UPF Ciutadella

Chair: Martijn Vlaskamp, Assistant Professor and Juan de la Cierva Incorporación Research Fellow at IBEI


Oscar Mateos, Associate Professor at the Blanquerna School of Communication and International Relations (Universitat Ramon Llull). He has published and edited several books and articles on conflict analysis, post-conflict peacebuilding processes and development challenges, mainly focused on Africa.
Viviane Ogou, Founder and president of the youth organization/think-tank “La Puerta de África” (Gateway to Africa). IBEI Alumni (Master's in International Security 2020 - 2022). Specializing in the Sahel crisis and EU-Africa relations, Viviane has a special interest in military operations and peace-building processes.

Exploring the story of Africa's contemporary history and politics through the lens of peacekeeping, this concise and accessible book, based on over a decade of research across ten countries, focuses not on peacekeeping in Africa but, rather, peacekeeping by Africans. Going beyond the question of why post-conflict states contribute troops to peacekeeping efforts, Jonathan Fisher and Nina Wilén demonstrate how peacekeeping is – and has been – weaved into Africa's national, regional and international politics more broadly, as well as what implications this has for how we should understand the continent, its history and its politics. In doing so, and drawing on fieldwork undertaken in every region of the continent, Fisher and Wilén explain how profoundly this involvement in peacekeeping has shaped contemporary Africa.

Fisher, J., & Wilén, N. (2022). African Peacekeeping (New Approaches to African History). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.


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