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The COVID-19 pandemic is propelling global health as a major priority of the EU’s development aid agenda. This webinar, which is the fourth and last of a series organised by DAI and ECDPM, showcases the importance of a coordinated public and private response. It will also present various health projects and their different reactions to the pandemic: from traditional awareness-raising campaigns to high-tech digital tools, the COVID-19 pandemic is forcing creativity and innovation. Panellists will reflect on how the emergency reaction, global creativity can help build stronger health systems, in partnership with governments, the private sector, communities, and regional professional networks.

Speakers (tbc)

Facilitator: Mariella Di Ciommo, Policy officer, ECDPM

Mar Martinez, Policy Officer, Health Policy and Programmes, Culture Education and Health
Unit, DEVCO (DEVCO B4) – The EU’s actions to strengthen public health systems in and with partner countries, main challenges and opportunities ahead.

Dr Paulin Basinga, Gates Foundation Country Director, Nigeria – The innovative approaches of the Technical Assistance Hub to strengthen community health systems in Nigeria. How the Gates Foundation is operationalising its commitment to protect the most vulnerable, accelerate containment of the virus, develop treatments and a vaccine, and minimise the societal and economic impact of the pandemic.

Winyi Kaboyo – Country Coordinator, DFID funded “Tackling Deadly Diseases in Africa
Programme” (TDDAP) project.

Bobby Jefferson, Chief Technology Officer, DAI Global Health – On the effect of technology and digital tools in health services, and the design of a COVID-19 tracker application for Haiti’s health information systems developed to enrol and monitor future patients throughout the country.

This webinar will be held on Monday 6 July from 3:00 pm to 4:15 pm Central European Summer Time (CEST)

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