The European Business Council for Africa

Thursday, 20 October 2022
09:00- 11:00
The Mayfair Hotel
Stratton StreetLondon, England, W1J 8LTUnited Kingdom

Absa Africa Financial Markets Index has shone a crucial light on the opportunities for investment in the region.

Now returning for its sixth edition, the index is a vital part of policy-makers and market participants’ toolkits and a benchmark for international investors looking to commit to the region. Jeff Gable, Head of Research at Absa, will lead the session.

The index, produced by Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum (OMFIF) and sponsored by Absa, has expanded this year to record the openness and attractiveness of 26 countries across the continent to foreign investment based on six fundamental pillars:

1. Market depth
2. Access to foreign exchange
3. Market transparency, tax and regulatory environment
4. Capacity of local investors
5. Macroeconomic opportunity
6. Legality and enforceability of standard financial markets master agreements

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