The European Business Council for Africa

January 23rd, 2023

Berlin, Germany 

The Path to Food Sovereignty – Sustainable and Resilient Agriculture for Africa. 

The agricultural sector is the backbone of many African economies and accounts for around a quarter of the continents economic output. But still, in many parts of the continent local production cannot keep up with the continued population growth.
Disruptions in the agricultural supply and value chains due to the covid-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine lead to surging food prices and shortages in many parts of the continent. With the prospect of deteriorating effects of climate change and ongoing weather extremes, the modernization of African agriculture and agri-food systemsseems almost inevitable. 

 Therefore, within the framework of the 9th German-African Agribusiness Forum we want to focus on specific topics that are and will contribute to this development. Among other topics we will discuss:

-    Smart Farming, Digitalization, and Leapfrogging Opportunities
-    The Reduction of Post-Harvest Losses and Value Creation
-    How to Encourage Private Sector Investment

The whole recent program overview is available below for download.

By discussing current developments in agribusiness and highlighting trendsetting projects we want to provide a platform for African and German businesspeople, decision-makers and financial institutions to build partnerships that contribute not only to food security but in addition to value creation and more resilient and sustainable agricultural and economic systems in the long run.


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