The European Business Council for Africa

In partnership with Eastern African Association (EAA), NABA members are invited to join an investment mission to Ethiopia, from October 23rd-26th. The program includes a Nordic Conference organized by the Nordic Embassies in Addis Ababa, in addition to a joint NABA and EAA program with relevant stakeholders.


Eastern Africa recorded the continent’s best economic performance in 2017 and, within that, Ethiopia stands out as the fastest growing country. 

After a period of considerable political uncertainty, during which two states of emergency were declared, Ethiopia has now become much more stable following the election of a reform-minded new Prime Minister, Mr. Abiy Ahmed, in early April. Despite the political troubles, a serious drought in certain parts of the country and a continuing shortage of foreign exchange, the economy has still managed to grow at a rate of around 8% and current projections indicate this trend is likely to continue. 

The timing of the Investment Mission therefore looks to be very opportune, at a point in the Ethiopia’s development when there is the real prospect of a greater private sector contribution to the economy and increased foreign investment within that.

Program and Registration