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The African Development Bank is preparing a new governance strategy, entitled Strategy for Economic Governance in Africa(click here for the document), in line with its objective of spurring sustainable economic development and social progress in its Regional Member Countries, thereby contributing to poverty reduction.

As part of the strategy preparation process, the Bank intends to hold consultations with Regional Member Countries (RMCs) and its institutional partners to help the Bank finalize the strategy by aligning its strategic orientation with the priorities of its RMCs and the operational framework of its institutional partners.

The discussions will enable the RMCs and key partners to take ownership of the strategy document to ensure its successful implementation. Country consultations will include government ministries, departments and agencies; civil society organizations and private citizens; and governance bodies, including international finance and development institutions.

The consultation aims to confirm whether the Bank’s strategy is relevant and adequately addresses the key governance challenges and priorities of its Regional Member Countries. It is also important to ensure that the Bank’s work complements  the operational priorities of partner institutions.

During the meetings, the team from the Bank will:

  • Provide a brief context of the African Development Bank’s work on governance.
  • Present the Bank’s proposed governance strategy, including the key pillars and sub-pillars.
  • Gather views on the Bank’s governance priorities and approach.
  • Explore opportunities for collaboration and synergies with other development partners.
  • Refine the strategic orientation based on feedback, comments and responses.

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Source: The African Development Bank