The European Business Council for Africa

Climate action not only presents profitable investment opportunities for the private sector but also helps protect those investments from the devastating impacts of climate change.  To support the private sector with climate action, the African Development Bank, in partnership with the Fund for African Private Sector Assistance (FAPA), in 2019 launched the Private Sector Investment Initiative for Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) in Africa in six pilot countries – Angola, Egypt, Morocco, Mozambique, Nigeria and South Africa.

Among other key outputs under the initiative, seven scoping reports were developed: one Africa-wide report and six country reports to cover the six pilot countries. The studies identify opportunities and entry points for private sector participation in NDC implementation in Africa and each pilot country. The reports highlight key case studies that showcase replicable and scalable private sector innovation in the fight against climate change. The studies also recommend solutions to the challenges to private sector participation in NDC implementation.

This event aims to bring together investment officers at the Bank, other financial institutions, the private sector, policymakers, development partners, civil society and the media to discuss the key findings of the scoping studies and explore the path towards scaling climate-smart private sector investments in Africa.

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Source: African Development Bank