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The Global Commodities Forum is a major multi-stakeholder meeting to discuss pragmatic solutions to perennial problems of the commodity economy.

The theme of the 2021 Forum is “Strengthening Resilience in Commodity Dependent Countries” and takes place on 14 September 2021 from 15:00 tp 16:15 hrs. (CEST). It will connect policymakers with practitioners to address the current challenges and future opportunities for commodity-dependent economies.

The third session of the Forum will discuss challenges and opportunities economies exporting essentially oil and gas are facing in the context of climate change mitigation.

As the population continues to grow, so will the demand for affordable energy. The number of issues that need to be addressed in relation to this increasing demand is growing. While the arguments for the world to reach a carbon-neutral destination are not disputable, the best route to this new energy future is still being charted.

The recent COVID-19 crisis probably triggered a non-reversible process speeding up the transition pace. The work that needs to be done to realign these heavily dependent economies to support the overarching objective of climate change mitigation presents unique challenges and opportunities.

In this context, several issues need to be addressed:

How will countries and companies transition from fossil fuel dependence to fossil fuel independence?
What strategies should fossil fuel export-dependent countries adopt to adapt to the decline of the fossil fuel sector?
What is the scale of the investment required and what are the challenges and opportunities for investors and bankers? To what extent has the financial sector started to put its weight behind the transition to renewable energy?
What mechanisms – e.g. hedging – should be adopted to protect national economies and corporate entities from price shocks during the transition?
What are the skill sets needed in this new energy future and how do we train our people to take advantage of these opportunities?

Registration and attendance are free of charge, but registration through UNCTAD website is mandatory for all participants, including invited government representatives, experts, and speakers.

We recommend each participant to log in to the event 20 minutes in advance to verify the quality and stability of their connection.

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