The European Business Council for Africa

Connecting Europe with Africa: promoting economic collaboration and dialogue

In the context of the new EU-Africa Strategy, outlined in the Joint Communication “Towards a Comprehen- sive Strategy with Africa”, the conference will try to contribute to the political dialogue on how to achieve a mutually beneficial cooperation between the EU and Africa in key areas of common interest. Ahead of the EU-Africa Summit, the conference will try to liaise with the discussions held at the EU-Africa Business Forum on green energy transition, held on 16 and 20-21 April 2021, and the identified challenges that Africa is facing concerning the access to clean and reliable energy. Africa’s prospects present Europe with opportunities in many pivotal areas, such as inclusive and sustainable growth, as well as the twin transition, while the future strategy should support PPPs and include the private sector in order to be successful.

The scope will range across the following policy areas:
• inclusive and sustainable development and job growth, in the context of a sane business environ- ment
• boosting the twin transition: green and digital trans- formation
• funding opportunities and tools • mobilising the private sector.


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