The European Business Council for Africa

Date: Tuesday 15 February 2022, 16:00 - 17:00 CET

Politico is hosting top EU and African leaders from a variety of public and private sectors to discuss the global response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the eradication of the virus.

The pandemic has taught a hard lesson to any would-be idealists: that when humanity was faced with the collective challenge of a deadly virus, countries turned their backs on solidarity to put their own people first. 

This reality has sparked a round of hand-wringing public health experts. But while European governments called for new global guidelines, rich countries are continuing to brush off guidance from the World Health Organization and back-burner efforts like the COVAX plan to ensure equitable access to vaccines.

Therefore, countries in Africa and other less-developed regions are feeling abandoned by the global health system and starting instead to look at what they can do on their own.

The online discussion will tackle the following questions:

  • How can governments and international institutions foster greater global cooperation and work toward addressing inequities in developing countries? What’s the role of the industry?
  • How can the EU and other countries ensure that globally the supply chains are in place and manufacturing capacity is secured for future pandemics?
  • Why did the global model, including COVAX, not operate properly? Is this the model that the world should be using for future pandemics? How should governments ensure equitable procurement and distribution of lifesaving medical technologies in future pandemics — especially when domestic political imperatives incentivize a me-first approach.
  • How can the EU be a better partner for Africa on health?
  • What is the future of global health institutions and agreements like the International Health Regulations, especially given the fact that they usually use a carrot rather than stick approach? Do we need a new pandemic treaty, or better ways to enforce existing agreements?
  • How should the US and EU work together on global health going forward? Is the global 70% vaccination target by mid-2022 realistic?

Few days ahead of the EU-Africa Summit, POLITICO convenes top EU and African policy wonks, industry expert and global health advocate for a frank discussion to coordinate the global response to the COVID-19 and eradicate the pandemic.


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