The European Business Council for Africa

In the framework of MedaWeek Barcelona 2020, we will hold the New Africa Business Development Forum: “Africa’s way into the post-Covid-19 future”.

The Coronavirus pandemic has strained the socio-economic tissue of Africa.  In early 2020, prior to the health and economic crisis, the African continent was considered among the fastest growing regions in the world, a new frontier for international investments. African countries and transnational institutions now face the challenge to maintain this trend in the aftermath of the current downturn.

The African continent is vast and ever-diverse, and no single simple narrative could portray its complexity. High inequality, poverty, political instability, and violent conflicts undermine the security and well-being of millions of people. Cooperation and economic integration may be positive first steps towards regional development. An attentive and precautionary removal of trade barriers could boost economic relationships while encouraging constructive interaction and transnational infrastructure projects.

The New Africa Business Development Forum aims to provide a platform for experts, policy-makers, industry leaders, academics and investors, to explore new potential areas for financial assistance for key infrastructure players.


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We look forward to counting on your participation during this major event.