The European Business Council for Africa

EBCAM had the pleasure of attendding NABC's flagship event Africa Works 2022 on 28 June in The Hague with this year's focus being on innovation for resilient growth. 

Africa Works! Conference is the flagship conference of the Netherlands-African Business Council (NABC). The NABC is the leading organisation for trade and investment facilitation for Africa in the Netherlands. The NABC's purpose is to inform, inspire, catalyse and connect businesses with Africa's opportunities and to assist businesses in making confident decisions about when, where and how to do business in Africa. The NABC today leads a network of nearly 250 engaged and diverse members and has access to a community of over 10,000 African and European businesses, institutes, government entities and others interested in doing business in Africa.

The event kicked off with keynote speeches by high-level speakers, including by Rosmarijn Fens, Managing Director of NABC, and was followed by workshops on a sector-specific topics, country focus sessions, an investor session and finally a networking reception to finish the day. 

Events of particular interest that were followed by the EBCAM team included, inter alia, the following, 

  • Hydrogen production and applications
  • Innovations in renewable energy
  • Ground water management for agricultutal purposes
  • Climate-resilient seeds and biological crop protection for food security
  • Doing business in Nigeria
  • Doing business in Morocco
  • Doing business in Algeria