The European Business Council for Africa

On the 5th of September, 2023, The European Business Council for Africa (EBCAM) attended the CBL ACP info session on the EU-Botswana Business Forum and the Global Expo Botswana. 

The info session focused on the event, concentrating on Botswana's potential as one of the most politically stable and economically prosperous countries in Africa.  It also highlighted the safe and welcoming environment it offers to foreign investments,featured by:

  • Strong economic growth;
  • Business-friendly environment;
  • Strategic location;
  • Skilled workforce;
  • Abundant natural resources;
  • Strong legal system;
  • Diversified economy;
  • Low corruption.

Furthermore, the session overviewed the event’s structure and focus sectors, such as:

  • Health and pharmaceutical sector;
  • Financial and business services;
  • Manifacturing including automotive and e-mobility;
  • Digital and innovation;
  • Mining sector.