The European Business Council for Africa

UNCTAD eCommerce Week is the leading forum for Ministers, senior government officials, CEOs and other business representatives, international organizations, development banks, academics and civil society to discuss the development opportunities and challenges associated with the digital economy.

Held simultaneously in Geneva and online from 25 to 29 April 2022 under the theme “Data and Digitalization for Development”, this edition looked at ways to strengthen the ability of developing countries, including least developed countries (LDCs), to continue engaging in and benefiting from e-commerce and the digital economy, to build more resilient and inclusive societies in a dramatically different postCOVID-19 environment.

The eCommerce Week looked in depth at key digital issues as they related to the overarching theme of this edition, with a special emphasis on data and crossborder data flows and the crucial role they play in economic and social development, as well as on the growing data divide, which reflects the wide differences that exist between and within countries to harness data. Overall, there was a strong consensus that data governance has become key in ensuring that digitalization is inclusive.


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