The European Business Council for Africa

As incumbent President Nana Akufo-Addo builds his campaign for re-election in December 2020 against former president John Mahama of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Invest Africa invites you to our deep dive discussion, examining the political and economic future of Ghana at the end of 2020 and into 2021.

Our panel of experts will scrutinise the knock-on effects of COVID-19 on the country’s economy, the economic challenges including dwindling revenue, increase in spending, and a high debt to GDP ratio to the Covid-19 pandemic, the measure the incoming president will need to take to tackle rising poverty throughout the country (see UNDP report on the socio-economic impact of COVID-19) and how these elections will determine Ghana’s positioning across the continent as the country takes the lead on implementing the long-awaited AfCFTA.

Digital Business Forum for Sustainable Trade and Investment Between the Netherlands and Africa

frica in 2020 is not the same as Africa 20 years ago. The continent’s private sector is more innovative and dynamic than ever before, with its youth better educated and highly ambitious to become members of the globalised world. Therefore, we invite you to the Digital Africa Business Days taking place on the 15th and the 16th of December 2020.

Through a state-of-the-art online platform, the Digital Africa Business Days offer the attendees the opportunity to request and host B2B networking meetings, participate in insightful workshops, follow a live talk show with key thought-leaders from Europe and Africa, visit a virtual exhibition area, and partake in high-level round tables. The Digital Africa Business Days will also host the Doing Business in Africa Award ceremony.

NABA, in partnership with Norwegian Energy Partners (NORWEP) invites you to join a webinar to explore the LNG opportunities in Mozambique. With 150 trillion cubic feet of world-class gas reserves, Mozambique is positioned to become a global Oil & Gas player - a sector where the Norwegian companies have competitive and comparative advantages.

In this webinar, we will have a presentation from Total who has signed a 14,9 B$ finance agreement for Mozambique LNG and is the country's first onshore LNG development which will be important for the economic development in region.

It includes the development of the Golfinho and Atum natural gas fields located in Offshore Area 1 block and an onshore construction of a two-train liquefaction plant with a total LNG capacity of 13.1 million tons per annum (mtpa) with the ability to expand up to 43 mtpa. The project is on track and first LNG delivery in 2024.

Further, Control Risks will share some experience from helping companies solve challenges that arise when seeking to convert risk into opportunity in developing markets. They hold extensive knowledge of the political, social and security-related developments in Mozambique for companies operating in the oil & gas sector. 

Dear Member,
On December 15th next, CBL-ACP, in cooperation with its permanent representative in Kigali and the Chambre de Commerce du Luxembourg, invites you to join a webinar.  A topic of interest to operators in Africa: the economic and geopolitical situation in RWANDA will be evoked. Some officials and representatives of the Belgian Government and CBL- ACP Members (Belgian operators present in Rwanda) will be able to benchmark their best practices and experiences, difficulties and facilities and deliver insights into the economic situation in that country. A question time will be organized. 


The Hellenic-African Chamber of Commerce and Development, in collaboration with SEV Hellenic Federation of Enterprises invites you to attend a virtual conference on:

"Focus on Business in Ghana" 25 November 2020 at 17:00

 The Hellenic-African Chamber of Commerce and Development, in collaboration with SEV Hellenic Federation of Enterprises hosted a virtual conference on "Focus on Business in Ghana" on 25 November 2020, regarding the country's political and economic situation, developments and trends, the business environment, export and investment opportunities in Ghana and more specifically, the conditions and prospects for co-operation between the two countries. 

The conference brought together key government and business officials from Ghana as well as Greek businessmen active in the country. 

The aims of the workshop are twofold:

to present and discuss the final outputs of the “Integrated and Sustainable Port Development in Ghana within an African Context” project, and

to canvas the opinions of participants on how they and others can use the developed framework for Sustainable Port Development.

At the workshop close, you will have a up-to-date understanding of the Sustainable Ports Development Framework, where you can find the outputs, how you can apply the framework, and who you can contact for advice or support.

The results of the workshop will be used in finalizing the project and tools so that the developed knowledge can be shared further.

Many African countries have set out ambitious proposals for transitioning to a lower-carbon energy system, particularly through expansion of renewable energy.  Although energy technologies are readily available at competitive prices,  many large-scale renewable programmes across Africa – e.g. Desert Power, Renew Africa – are not generating sufficient access to power, and the speed of implementing such programmes remains low.

  • Is there sufficient clarity on the roadmap and policies required to power Africa?
  • Is there a cohesive view amongst energy stakeholders on the Africa Energy Transition strategy?
  • How can stakeholders consider the affordability gap for Africans – i.e. how do we finance Africa’s energy transition and roll out renewables?

The Africa Debate

Thursday 5th November 2020

10:00 – 19:00 CET


The Africa Debate is the flagship event of Invest Africa, the leading UK trade and investment platform for African markets. For the first time the forum will be taking place virtually, connecting the international trade and investment community with businesses across the Continent via an interactive online platform

Meet Norway's Ambassador in South Africa, Astrid Helle, in this briefing covering the latest on economy and politics from South Africa.  

 with time for your questions.

A l’initiative de Mémoires du Congo et en collaboration avec la CBL ACP et le CRAOM, vous êtes conviés à un Webinaire sur le thème de l’énergie en Afrique le 10/11/2020 à 16h(CET).  La prise de parole sera en langue française.

Intervenant : Dr. Ir. Georges Van Goethem

  • Ingénieur civil mécanicien (UCL 1974) et docteur en sciences appliquées (UCL 1979)
  • Membre de l’Académie Royale des Sciences d’Outremer (ARSOM – KAOW) –
  • Ancien Principal Scientific Officer à la Commission européenne, chargé de recherche (Ispra en Italie, Karlsruhe en Allemagne) et Euratom Program Manager (DG RTD à Bruxelles)

Cet exposé traitera des aspects technologiques et scientifiques du secteur énergétique qui sont essentiels dans toute stratégie de développement socio-économique, qu’il s’agisse de pays industriels ou émergents, en particulier en Afrique. On distingue traditionnellement cinq étapes dans la chaîne de valeur du secteur de l’énergie, depuis l’extraction des ressources naturelles jusqu’à l’utilisation finale dans les services exigés par toute société moderne.