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Analysis and News Worth Knowing on Africa from Monday to Friday. Provided by our Partner

The site is updated weekdays at 10:00 am GMT. Depending on news flow stories are occasionally updated during the day.

29. June 2018 - Africa is losing the inclusive growth battle

28. June 2018 - Africa needs to get serious about fundraising

27. June 2018 - South Africa’s “Ramaphoria” was never going to last

26. June 2018 - Africa doesn’t need a “real-life Wakanda”

The over 600 migrants that are on board of the German charity SOS Méditerranée rescue boat ‘Aquarius’ might be heading safely towards the port of Valencia.Spain stepped in after Italy’s new government closed its harbours and is flexing its muscles for what it has always described as a European problem requiring a European solution. 

Women and young girls are among the passengers of the ‘Aquarius’. Finding ways to address their needs and improve their lives was a key motivator behind last week’s European Development Days in Brussels

Tunisia 's migration dilemma 

Last week, over 100 people died in what probably represents Tunisia’s deadliest migrant shipwreck. This tragic accident re-opens the debate on irregular migration from Tunisia and reignites discussions on future EU-Tunisia cooperation on migration. Read the blog 

Gender, a top EU priority: Now comes the difficult part 

During the European Development Days, several EU representatives have reiterated their commitment to making gender a priority for European external relations, in particular when it comes to development cooperation. But will they be able to live up to their promises? Read the blog

The Week of 1 –  8 June 2018

Report: Somalia and the Gulf

Briefing: DR Congo

Commentary: Yemen, Somalia and the Gulf

Interviews: Iran, Guatemala, Venezuela 

Upcoming Event: In Pursuit of Peace: 2018 Award Dinner

Crisis Group In The News: Afghanistan, The Gulf, Yemen, Central Asia, Iran, Syria, Jordan, Ethiopia/Eritrea

Careers: New York, Afghanistan, Brussels

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Every year the so-called ‘development community’ gathers to discuss the important issues in international cooperation. We will be there on both days to talk about our work and, in particular, about what we have done and will be doing on this year’s main theme, gender equality and women empowerment. 

The EDD are the perfect occasion to meet relevant people and to get their feedback on our latest publications.

 EU institutions and member states’ cooperation in fragile situations and protracted crises

We analyse three initiatives where EU institutions and member states are working together for a quick and effective response to complex challenges in fragile contexts. Read the paper

 What does it really mean to be pan-African in the 21st century?

In the third blog of our series inspired by and dedicated to Africa Day, Dalil Djinnit shares his wish for the African continent to unlock its true potential. Read the blog


The Week of 25 May –  1 June 2018

Briefing: Libya
Commentary: Global, Israel/Palestine
Interviews: Libya, US 

Video: Yemen
Upcoming Events: In Pursuit of Peace: 2018 Award Dinner
Quotes: Libya, Korean Peninsula , Zimbabwe , Israel/Palestine, Africa , Algeria
Careers: Afghanistan, New York , Brussels 

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Analysis and News Worth Knowing on Africa from Monday to Friday. Provided by our Partner

The site is updated weekdays at 10:00 am GMT. Depending on news flow stories are occasionally updated during the day.

31. May 2018 - Time to rethink ‘Françafrique’?

30. May 2018 - Africa’s renewable energy outlook is bright

29. May 2018 - Don’t hold your breath for the Single African Sky

28. May 2018 - Financial inclusion shouldn’t be a zero-sum game

The spring edition of our Great Insights magazine brings you an array of high-level contributors: the EU’s International Cooperation and Development Commissioner Mimica, FAO President Graziano Da Silva, Belgian Development Minister De Croo, EBRD President Chakrabarti and many others give their views on the question of the day: is private investment the future for sustainable development?

We need private investments for sustainable development
In the spring edition of our Great Insights magazine, we explore how a responsible and inclusive private sector can help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. Read our spring issue

Did pan-Africanism die with our founding fathers?

In the second blog of our Africa Day series, Kesa Pharatlhatlhe explains what being African means to her, and why pan-Africanism is important for Africa’s future generations. Read the blog

The Week of 18 – 25 April 2018

Reports: Saudi Arabia/Iraq, Abkhazia/South Ossetia 
Statement: Iraq
Commentary: Yemen, North East Asia, Azerbaijan/Armenia, Colombia, Burundi, Middle East, Iraq, Iran 
Interviews: Gaza/Israel, Burundi, North Korea/U.S., Venezuela 
Upcoming Events: In Pursuit of Peace: 2018 Award Dinner
Quotes: Korean Peninsula/U.S., Venezuela, Israel/Palestine, Cameroon, African Union, U.S./China, Colombia
Careers: Brussels

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Only a few weeks ago it was Europe Day (9 May), which is a holiday only for the officials working for the European institutions, so not much of a continental feast. Is Africa Day any different? We have decided to ask our young African researchers to tell us what it means for them to be African.

What being African means to me
Ahead of Africa Day, in the first of a three-part blog series, our Lidet Tadesse explains what being African means to her. Dalil Djinnit and Kesa Pharatlhatlhe will follow with their views on pan-Africanism. Read the blog

ACP-EU negotiations and the next EU budget: Six crucial weeks to understand which way the wind is blowing

The upcoming six weeks will be critical for the future of ACP-EU relations and for the next EU budget. We help you understand what will happen and what is at stake. Read the blog

The Weeks of 4 – 18 May 2018

Watch List: Burundi, Sri Lanka, Venezuela, Yemen
Reports: Mexico, Myanmar
Briefing: Libya
Statement: Iran
Commentary: Iraq, Venezuela, Israel/Palestine, Russia, Lebanon, China/Japan, Iran/U.S., Tunisia
Video: Watch List 2018 – First Update 
Interviews: U.S./Iran, China/Japan/South Korea, Armenia, Israel/Palestine, Israel/Iran, U.S./North Korea, Iraq
Quotes: Iran, Korean Peninsula, Horn of Africa, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Russia/Syria, Burundi, Kenya, Iraq, Israel/Syria
Careers: Global

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